Pro-EFW Personal Growth or Professional Development Opportunities

Pro-EFW Supported Personal Growth & Professional Development workshops/events are taught and hosted by Pro-EFW certified professionals and are open to the public (unless stated differently on the event listing information).

Individuals who are NOT interested in seeking certification are also welcome to participate in the Explorations Training, Focus Training, or workshops/events offered by Pro-EFW members.

If you are interested in offering Equine Facilitated Wellness as a Pro-EFW certified practitioner you will need to APPLY FOR CERTIFICATION before Foundations Training (Part 2).


Our Pro-EFW Membership and Certification Renewal Year is from April 1 to March 31.

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Certification candidates must renew their $40 Pro-EFW Membership yearly as they work through the certification process.  Click here to become a member and/or to renew.

To apply for certification click here and you will be prompted to pay both the certification application fee and your Pro-EFW membership.



You must renew your certification annually. The $40 Pro-EFW Membership is included in your renewal fee, which will vary depending on your certification.

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The Certification Portal is accessable to Pro-EFW Members who have previously purchased their certification application and are working through the Pro-EFW Certification Process click the button below to access the portal.

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