Pro-EFW Personal Development Opportunities

Individuals who are NOT interested in seeking certification are also welcome to participate in the Explorations Training, Focus Training, or workshops/events offered by Pro-EFW members.

If you are interested in offering Equine Facilitated Wellness as a Pro-EFW certified practitioner you will need to APPLY FOR CERTIFICATION before Focus Training Part2.

Explorations Training



Explorations Training is an introduction to the field of equine facilitated wellness. It offers an overview of the field and introduces participants to fundamental EFW concepts, principles and issues. During this training, participants also learn about Pro-EFW philosophy, principles, ethics and certification process. Participants will have an understanding of the steps required to further develop their knowledge and skills in this field. Explorations is the first level of training in the Pro-EFW certification process, and it is also available to anyone who wants to learn more about EFW. It may be of special interest to those in a mental health/human services field, and/or those who have experience working with equines.

Explorations is open to everyone.

A manual will be provided.

Learning Objectives of the Explorations Workshop:

1         General understanding of Equine Facilitated Wellness (EFW)

2         Awareness of the history and foundation for EFW approaches

3         Increased sensitivity to the horse, its needs and abilities

4         Appreciation and understanding of the perspective of the horse as a ‘sentient being’

5         Appreciation of the safety and risk management issues and considerations in EFW

6         An introduction to how EFW can be applied with clients in individual, family and group environments

7         An introduction to how EFW can be applied with different client populations and needs

8         Understanding of the Pro-EFW training, mentoring and certification model and how this applies to candidates

9         An appreciation of the importance of always working within your scope of practice

10      The development of personal next steps in exploring the EFW field

11      Ideas of what people can do when they leave

This is a 2 day experiential workshop with distance ed components.

Workshop topics will be covered through a blend of discussions, presentations, demonstrations and hands on experiential exercises.

Foundations Training



The Foundations Training is the second step in learning about Equine Facilitated Wellness under the Pro-EFW model. Participants should have first completed a Pro-EFW approved Explorations training. The Focus Training introduces and explores an approach to EFW which will be specific to the trainer and program delivering the training while being consistent with Pro-EFW philosophies including those regarding safety, ethics and the role of the horse as sentient being. It is important for trainees to attend focus training with a trainer and program that is a good fit for how, and with whom, they plan to work.

1. Foundations Training is open to anyone who has completed the Pro-EFW Exploration Training. Membership in Pro-EFW is not required for this training.

2. To enroll in the Pro-EFW certification process the trainee must be a member of Pro-EFW

3. To obtain insurance through Pro-EFW the trainee must be enrolled in the Pro-EFW certification process and have completed Explorations and the first week of Focus Training.

4. The Foundations Training contains both didactic, experiential and self-reflective material. Participant learning will be enhanced by an open and heartfelt approach to the work.

5. The extent to which participants involve themselves in the experiential and self- reflective exercises is an individual choice.

6. The Pro-EFW training process involves personal growth, but the Focus training is not a personal growth or therapy workshop. Participants are to be encouraged to respect their own and others boundaries, and facilitators are to maintain a safe environment in this regard.

Learning Objectives

1. Review and confirmation of understanding of Pro-EFW principals and philosophies including those regarding role of the horse, safety, and ethics and their application to the participant’s professional work and practice in the EFW field.

2. Introduction to the theoretical model applied by the individual trainer (or training team) and its integration with EFW. Specific learning objectives within this area will vary with the approach being taught.

3. Introduction of how to apply the theoretical model (see #2 above) to EFW work with different populations and different formats (e.g. individual sessions, group sessions, school programs etc.) in accordance with the participant’s scope of practice and including all streams (EP, EFL, & MHP) within the trainer’s (or training team’s) scope of practice.

4. Further exploration of the Pro-EFW certification requirements and development of an initial draft of the participant’s Scope of Practice Statement and the Personal Progress Plan.

5. Development of facilitation skills in EFW sessions, including preparation, safety, and introducing, facilitating, and debriefing (with equines and humans) a range of EFW activities.

6. Introduction and exploration of a philosophically consistent horsemanship approach applied by the individual trainer (training team) and its integration with EFW and Pro-EFW philosophies and principals. This will include consideration of:

a. Physical and emotional safety of client and horse, including additional considerations if riding is included into the approach;

b. Selection and training of a horse for EFW;

c. Assessing horses’ comfort level in the work;

d. Determining when a horse is not suitable for EFW:

e. Preparation of a horse for EFW sessions;

f. Handling of the horse (by facilitator and client) during sessions;

g. Debriefing of horse after sessions.

7. If the participant is interested in pursuing their Pro-EFW certification,

review and expansion of their “next steps” with the Personal Progress Plan

and development of their Scope of Practice will be initiated.

You must be an Pro-EFW member in good standing (annual fee of $40)
to APPLY for CERTIFICATION. Please purchase your Annual Membership and choose a Certification Stream.

You must renew your certification annually. The Annual membership ($40) is now included in your renewal fee.

**Candidates that are MID-STREAM in their certification process (began process before 2020 and completed the initial certification payment), please note that fees have changed for 2020. To complete your certification review fee at 2019 rates

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