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Personal Growth & Professional Development Workshop Schedule

by | Apr 16, 2020

Communicating for Connection Workshop Series

October 2, 30, and November 20, 2022

Communicating for Connection is a Workshop Series dedicated to YOU and to US! Come join in an exploration of tools, skills, and the freedom of authenticity and potential needed to take communication and connection to the next level!

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Michelle Kertesz
Bridge Coaching

Donkeys, Wellness and Creative Exploration Workshop 

Saturday, September 24, 2022  from 11:30 AM until 4:30 PM

Join Cynthia of Cynthia Minden Arts and Equine for an afternoon to learn about and engage with donkeys!  Gain an understanding about how donkeys differ from horses and experience some of what they can offer in an Equine Facilitated Wellness program.

Mindfulness, core concepts, creative art projects that all can enjoy, discussion, contemplation and fun!  Bring your lunch, snacks and art materials provided.  

4-6 participants, $100 per person
Registration closes September 10

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Contact 250-335-1262 to register or for more information



  mPEAK for EFW

September 26 – November 14, 2022

 Are you looking for a meaningful way to complete Personal Growth Hours or fulfill your Updating Hours? Consider the mPEAK (Mindfulness) Program for EFW. 

No matter your experience level, it’s normal to have habits, belief systems and reactions that get in your way. These forms of “interference” can look like perfectionism, comparison, lack of confidence, never feeling like enough, fear, and feeling like you always need to do more or be more.

This cutting-edge mindfulness training program is designed to support you as you explore what gets in your way and learn simple tools and techniques to guide you towards your full potential.

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(250) 618-9322 or info@capallcoaching.com

EFL Practitioners – Our Nurses Need You and Your Horses!


Please contact me if…

*You are ready to add a new revenue/client stream to your service.

*You would like to develop a new area of expertise for your existing EFL Practice that is specifically focused on nurses.

*You would appreciate a fully formed “business in a box” set-up and running within 6 weeks!

*Registration is ongoing, you can start anytime.


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 Click here for more information: EFL Practitioners – Dragonfly Meadows


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Building Resilience and Empowerment: A Professional Development Workshop for Nurses

May 19, 2022 Grande Pre, Nova Scotia

Dragonfly Meadows welcomes you to
rest and re-charge in this one-day professional development workshop for RN’s and LPN’s. Many nurses feel that something is “wrong” but they don’t know what it is…. we invite you to spend the day and let our horses help you explore the challenges of being a professional caregiver in a safe and inspiring environment.

You will walk away:

* Understanding how compassion fatigue, burnout, vicarious trauma, and moral injury impact your work relationships and your home life.

* With a complete self-care inventory and knowing your barriers to self-care.

*Skills to balance work and home as we look at mindfulness, boundaries, gratitude, and being cared for ourselves.  

*Understanding  the ProQOL (professional quality of life inventory). The ProQOL is the most used measure of the negative and positive effects of helping others who experience suffering and trauma

You will discover you are not alone in your struggles for work-life balance or dealing with a difficult work environment. Seats are limited to 6. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.

All exercises with the horses are done on the ground and previous horse experience is not required.

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Reflections With Horses:

An Exploration in Self-Care

Continuous Registration

Covid-19 has sabotaged many who are pursuing certification through Pro-EFW and has challenged us all like never before.  Traveling is hard and finances are a challenge for many people. This personal development workshop was developed to inspire and motivate members to continue through the  Pro-EFW certification process as well as provide connection and sharing at an affordable price. Dragonfly Meadows invites you to engage as we explore self-care in this online workshop for Pro-EFW members pursuing certification*  **

*Upon completion, a certificate for 7.5 hours of personal development will be provided.**If you are not a Pro-EFW member and wish to take this course, please fill out the application form for review.




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