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The Harmonious Horsemanship Course

Date of Event: November 27 ~ December 7, 2023 Live online classes will be held on Mondays and Thursdays at 5pm-6:30pm PST.

Event Description :

Are You Ready To Deepen Your Connection?
There is a place deep in our souls where horses touch us and awaken our hearts. This course shares a way of being with horses that honours our equine partners, as well as ourselves. You’ll learn how to:

Communicate more clearly with horses
Understand what your horse is saying
Support a happy and willing equine partner
This course is a compilation of concepts, methods, tools and education designed to help participants discover what works best for them and the horses they interact with.

Contact Info: Jodine Buydens

Email To Register: jodine@capallcoaching.com



Trust: An Interactive Exploration with the Trailblazers Herd

Date of Event: November 25, 2023

Event Description :

What if the way forward is through vulnerability and courage?

We believe that people are what change the world, and the world is worth changing. There’s never been a better time to go inward and wholeheartedly reconnect to the truth of why we are here. To stand grounded and strong, and guide ourselves down the path we know is right for us.

The wisdom horses offer is a reflection of who you are without the filter of your stories and negative self talk. Their lack of ego is a true gift to anyone wishing to grow personally and professionally.

This unique opportunity is another chance to experience Jodine and Margarita alongside the Trailblazers Herd with an offering to vulnerably explore your truth and learn more about how trusting your inner guidance can connect you to a source of courage that opens a world of possibilities. Join like-minded individuals from different walks of life to learn, create, and share in a magical space.

Contact Info: Jodine Buydens

Email To Register: jodine@capallcoaching.com



Winter Wellness Workshops 2023: Donkeys & Creativity

Date of Event: on-going

Event Description :

Imagine this: you are in a charming art studio, warm fire in the wood stove, cup of tea. You are learning a new skill, perhaps it’s simple printmaking, the pages folded into tiny books, perhaps you are making a length of plied rope from long leaves harvested from the Fall garden. Maybe you are coming up with ideas for a daily practice, something that you can use to focus and get your creative thoughts flowing during the months ahead.

Later, you share space with four gentle and wise donkeys in the comfort of their sweet barn, learning their ways, allowing them to help you connect with yourself. And you sit in quiet contemplation up in the snug hay loft, perhaps with a poem or a tongue drum or a notebook.

These are three spaces, protected from blustery weather, where you can renew, breathe, and feel possible in these uncertain times.

If you can get here through rain and wind and snow, we are here and offer Winter Wellness Workshops on Denman Island. 1.5 hours for individuals, age 16 and older.

Longer sessions for small groups and individuals are also available, weather permitting.

Contact Info: More info and contact here: https://cynthiamindenartsandequine.ca/
phone with questions: 250-335-1262


Time for Teens

Date of Event:  Nov 10th & 11th, 2023

Event Description :

As indicated on poster – this workshop will focus on stress, anxiety and trauma with focus around relationships, coping strategies and self worth

Contact Info: Jules Reinforth


Email To Register: Reinforthequine@gmail.com

Moving from the Office to the Arena: Using Intention-Based Practices with Couples

Date of Event:  November 8, 2023

Event Description :

Join JBCE for a 2 hour Zoom seminar on ways to move from the office to the area when working with couples. See examples of EAL exercises, discuss the concepts of intention, genuine presence and active listening. There will be an opportunity for questions and discussions throughout.

Contact Info: Jacqueline

Email To Register: justbece@gmail.com

Couples Healing from Trauma

Date of Event: October & November, 2023

Event Description :

Learn skills to move from poor communication and painful conflict to a place of intention, genuine presence, trust and understanding.

Contact Info: Jacqueline

Email To Register: justbece@gmail.com

EFL Practitioners – Our Nurses Need You and Your Horses!


Please contact me if…

*You are ready to add a new revenue/client stream to your service.

*You would like to develop a new area of expertise for your existing EFL Practice that is specifically focused on nurses.

*You would appreciate a fully formed “business in a box” set-up and running within 6 weeks!

*Registration is ongoing, you can start anytime.


Contact info and Link to Contact information for more event information/event registration

 Click here for more information: EFL Practitioners – Dragonfly Meadows


Click here for an application form: Application Form Train the Trainer – Dragonfly Meadows



Reflections With Horses:

An Exploration in Self-Care

Continuous Registration

Covid-19 has sabotaged many who are pursuing certification through Pro-EFW and has challenged us all like never before.  Traveling is hard and finances are a challenge for many people. This personal development workshop was developed to inspire and motivate members to continue through the  Pro-EFW certification process as well as provide connection and sharing at an affordable price. Dragonfly Meadows invites you to engage as we explore self-care in this online workshop for Pro-EFW members pursuing certification*  **

*Upon completion, a certificate for 7.5 hours of personal development will be provided.**If you are not a Pro-EFW member and wish to take this course, please fill out the application form for review.




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Location: Chiron’s Way
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Location: Generation Farms, Nanaimo, Vancouver Island, BC



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Location: Highlands Gate Wellness, West of Ottawa, Ontario


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