Foundations Training
(previously Focus week 1)

Core Concepts

DURATION for Foundations week is 35 hours

This is where you begin with the trainer that will see you through the process. It is important to choose the trainer that best fits you and your plans, not necessarily the trainer who is closest in location.  You can take the Explorations Training with any
Pro-EFW Trainer but once you begin Foundations Training (previously called Focus 1) you must stay with the same Trainer for Focus and Integration Training.

CONTENT: Attend a Pro-EFW approved Foundations Training that teaches core EFW concepts, principles, ethics and safety considerations. This training also provides many opportunities for participants to engage in experiential exercises, interactions with the equines, practice sessions, and other experiential activities.  In addition, each participant begins to create an individualized Scope of Practice statement that includes an outline of what s/he can and cannot incorporate into his/her EFW practice as a certification candidate.

After completing Foundations Training, it is optimal for candidates to absorb, integrate and begin practicing the concepts and approaches learned in the training to prepare for Focus Training week.

It is important to choose the trainer that best fits you and your plans, not necessarily the trainer who is closest in location.

Upcoming Foundation Training’s:

 Due to the adaptations required by COVID-19 for workshop delivery, please check with each trainer as to when

and how they are offering trainings by clicking on the LEARN MORE TABS BELOW


Location: Chiron’s Way
Maple Ridge, British Columbia (45 min east of Vancouver)

Foundations Training :
ONSITE July 7-11, 2021


Location: Online and Ontario onsite combination 

Foundations Training:
A combination of ONLINE & ONSITE based on Covid 19. Click below for upcoming dates.


Location: Healing Hooves Cremona, Alberta

Tentative Onsite Foundation Training:
May 15-16, 2020

Location: ONLINE (Zoom)

March 12- April 23 (8 weeks)

You must be a Pro-EFW member in good standing (annual membership fee of $40).

To apply for certification click here and you will be promoted to pay both the certification application fee and your annual membership

You must renew your certification annually. The Annual membership ($40) is now included in your renewal fee.

2021 Certification Portal

2021 Certification Portal