Introduction Day: Coaching & Psychotherapy with Horses


Ears Forward Coaching, Maple Ridge, BC is inviting the MiMer Centre research team to Canada in 2020. MiMer – Minds in Motion Education and Research Centre is a small independent education, research and treatment center based in Sweden. All three events will be facilitated by:  Katarina Felicia Lundgren B.A., M.S. Student in Cognitive Science (Sweden) & Emily Kieson M.S., PgDip, ESMHL, PhD (Oklahoma, USA).

Ears Forward Coaching invites you to an introduction day to equine-assisted coaching and psychotherapy. We will introduce you to the way how we coach with horses and show you the usefulness of our way of working in team-building, leadership development, and personal development. Also, we will share how we work with horses in trauma- and psychotherapy.

Part of the day will be spent mostly outdoors in nature together with the horses. The day does not involve any riding and previous knowledge about horses is not necessary. It is your choice how close you want to be to the horses.

Facilitation of growth and development with horses is exciting, a lot happens in people who come here. The horses have a marvellous ability to open people up and invite change.

Equine assisted coaching, learning, psychotherapy, and trauma therapy let you see your own patterns and reactions in different situations, which in turn also show you how you see yourself and how you perceive the world around you. When you can see this, you can also start to think about if you want to change something about yourself and how you choose to be and live. The horses help you see your patterns, invite you to explore and try out new solutions and new ways of thinking which you can use in different situations and relationships. With the help of reflections, you will be able to bring the insights and knowledge you have gained together with the horses, into your everyday life.

For obvious reasons we can not demonstrate how we work with equine assisted psychotherapy or trauma therapy, so during this introduction day, you will get the opportunity to try out equine assisted coaching/learning and personal development. We are happy to tell you how we work with equine assisted psychotherapy and trauma therapy and offer you information regarding those.

Fee: $50 + gst (includes snacks & refreshments)

We invite you to join us for this first step towards a deeper understanding of who the horse is, what he needs to thrive and what role we as humans can play in his life and our choice of what kind of relationship we want to have with horses. If you want to know more than what an introductory day can give – join our Level 1 training in Maple Ridge: Aug 13-16, 2020.

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