EFW Horsemanship Workshop


Whispering EquineOkotoks, Alberta Canada

During this 1 day workshop with Carrie Watson, we will explore various areas to help you improve your ability to listen to, understand and connect with horses. Below are a few topics we will cover:

  • Introduce the concept and importance of being grounded  and in the present moment, before interacting with a single horse or a herd of horses (especially as a rider or facilitator)

  • Learn ways to detect your current state and how to become grounded and in the moment

  • Introduce awareness of appropriate ways to approach, catch, lead and handle horses in a safe manner (ie. while in a field among other horses, going through gates, walking to and from different areas and in the barn/arena)

  • Explore how horses communicate to each other and humans

  • Introduce ways we can receive information from the horses

  • Herd dynamic analysis and awareness

  • The importance and benefit of “knowing” your horses(s)

  • Various horse personalities and why it is important to know them for yourself and/or clients

  • Importance of setting clear boundaries while being mindful of the horse, human and situation

  • Recognizing various signs of stress/tension in a horse

  • Discuss, introduce and practice ways to help a horse release stress/tension (may include Acupressure, Ttouch and Masterson Method Massage techniques)

  • Introduction to pre-liberty training and other forms of ground work activities to build on your existing skill set and improve the connection and communication between you and your  horse

Cost: $180 + GST

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