March 4, 2015

We Changed Our Name!!

We have changed our name from the National Association for Equine Facilitated Wellness to:

Equine Facilitated Wellness-Canada         
Mieux-Être Facilité par le Cheval-Canada

EFW-Can:  pronounced “efwa-can”    

Why the change?  The National Association for Equine Facilitated Wellness was quite a mouthful for one thing.  Equine Facilitated Wellness-Canada is still a mouth full but it explains our approach and “Wellness” describes our three fields of certification for the Equine Facilitated Mental Health Professional, the Equine Facilitated Learning Professional as well as Equine Professional who may work in partnership with the former Professionals or as an Equine Coach, teaching the EFW principles of respectful relationships with horses. 

We added Canada because we are proud that this association has its roots in Canada and that we have developed a community of people who honor the horse as a sentient being, in this important field.  We would also like to open the door to a more international membership, participation and community by allowing different chapters to add their country, province, state or region to Equine Facilitated Wellness;  for example, Equine Facilitated International,  EFW-Alberta, EFW-Germany etc.  We now have members in the United States and the UK and have had people coming from France and the US to take our training.   So we are extending an invitation to everyone far and wide to join with us in celebrating equines as partners in trusting relationships in the field of Equine Facilitated Wellness.

EFW/MFC-Can is not only for people interested in obtaining training, mentorship and certification to work in the field of EFW but also for people who want to build relationships with equines that are based in trust, safety, compassion and awareness.  People are invited to take the first levels of EFW-Can trainings to experience this approach and philosophy of being with equines as well as the personal development workshops that are given by our EFW-Can Professionals and EFW-Can Certification candidates. Consider becoming a member of EFW-Can today to further your journey in developing meaningful relationships.


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Here are the three independent Pro-EFW trainers offering the 4 levels of training in various locations in Canada and the UK


Location: Chiron’s Way
Maple Ridge, British Columbia
(45 min east of Vancouver)

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Locations: Generation Farms, Nanaimo, Vancouver Island, BC

Highlands Gate Wellness, West of Ottawa, Ontario

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Location: Healing Hooves, Cremona, Alberta

United Kingdom; Inverness and Edinburgh

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