May 3, 2018

The Unique Contact with the Invisible

By Kathleen Cloutier, Écurie Centre Le Reflet

Translated by Marie Josée Hull

That night, the sunset was beautiful and the tranquility behind this energy was simply remarkable. You could feel the calm behind the majestic body of the great horses. At that moment we could not know that the energy of the invisible was going to surface to appease a great sorrow. A young woman in her twenties arrived at the centre with little energy remaining from her day, but her eyes lit up with the idea of meeting the horses. In front of these beautiful beings filled with compassion for this young lady, she closed her eyes to begin the exercise of the body scan. The horses all connected, remained all close to her, without exception, to support her in this stage of life so difficult. The dominant horse of the herd named Légende, which was in total connection. Connected in her body and in her pain, tears flowed down her cheek. Eyes closed, back to the horse, she asked me if Légende was behind her. I then offered her to turn around and she could see that he was there.

What does it represent for you? I asked her…

She looked at me and said: It makes me think of my fiancé. I gave her a smile and I asked her to look at the horses again, who was just scratching his withers in affection as two lovers, even the horses who were not in the same position in he hierarchy, were ready to play despite their differences. At that moment, there was no more hierarchy, there was only love and resonance to this great immense wound that transposed the body of this young lady.

After taking the time to observe the beautiful interactions that was given to us, Légende came back to us and the young lady decided to have a moment at liberty with him. In the closed indoor riding arena but also near the other horses, the horses began to run and have fun together like a playful child without stopping. There was a childish energy filled with joy and laughter. She put a hand on her little swollen stomach and then thought of her little being, growing in her. The smile returned as she breathed in this feeling. The horses evoked in her great freedom. A magnificent scene was given to her and even older horses ran, twirled and enjoyed themselves. The game lasted more than two minutes in an overflowing energy and the horses enjoyed this wonderful sensation and demonstrated to this woman, the happiness of life.

When calm returned, she finally returned to her Légende. A little nervous, she approached him slowly. After a short time, she, who had fears about horses, was completely connected, calm and even walked loose with him. He offered her hugs, love and comfort. At liberty, he followed her wherever she went. He lived a precious moment of gratitude and pure love with her. This session was magical and unique. At the very end, emotions surfaced, and the young lady smiled again and thanked Légende for giving her one last contact with her fiancé.   

This young lady left with a parcel of happiness and gratitude towards the horses, the universe and its invisible side that cannot be seen but felt. She understood that despite the invisible, there is resonance and in the resonance, there is hope! Even if she knows she will never see her fiancé who died accidentally in the same week, she will be able to feel him close to her when she and her child need it. She will be able to comfort her little Elliot who will arrive soon in the human world, by rocking him tenderly reminding him that his papa is close!

Kathleen Cloutier is a certified EFW-CAN Equine Facilitated Learning professional. She practises in Bécancour, Québec at “Écuries Centre Le Reflet .»

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