We wanted to share a bit about how we have come to be the Professional Association for Equine Facilitated Wellness.

The History of our Name:

Previously known as Equine Facilitated Wellness-Canada, we went through a rebranding and logo change in 2019. We believe the new name of Pro-EFW and the updated logo represents our connection and commitment to the equine-human bond, as well as our goal of providing education and training to people who are wanting to work in the growing field of Equine Facilitated Wellness, both in Canada and around the world. 

The term Equine Facilitated Wellness, was born in 2009 in Nanaimo, British Columbia, over a supper meeting. A group of us were trying to create a name that would represent our approach and philosophy of working in respectful relationship with our sentient equine partners. Emily Pelletier of Generation Farms suggested the name of Equine Facilitated Wellness, and everyone immediately approved of this term. It encompassed the distinct but inter-related three streams of our training designations: Equine Professional, Learning Professional and Mental Health Professional. Certification candidates, depending on their education and experience, can choose to certify in a single, dual or tri certification. Candidates develop their scope of practice and how they will integrate equine facilitated wellness into their practice during the EFW training and certification process.

Why the Professional Association for Equine Facilitated Wellness was created:

A multidisciplinary group of professionals and practitioners working, studying and researching in the field of equine facilitated wellness across Canada have come together with a desire to build a community of people who are like minded in their approach and philosophy to working with humans and equines.  We want to belong to an organization that holds a high standard of ethics, certification, education and training to bring credibility and professionalism to this important field of work.  Pro-EFW is also committed to creating a strong network of people who want to work with their own equines in a respectful relationship, and to provide support, education and mentorship in this learning process.

Who we are:

Pro-EFW is a professional certification and training community. We value building respectful, trusting relationships and connections through the horse-human bond. Our holistic foundation offers a diverse array of opportunities for personal exploration and growth, professional development, and certification training within the field arena of Equine Facilitated Wellness. We are a registered, non-profit association committed to professional excellence. By developing in-depth certification standards, we strive to enhance the safety, ethics, and credibility of counselling and learning activities with equines and humans. We are celebrating the progress we have made since 2005 when this organization was created. The goal to create an association that recognized the depth and breadth of this incredible equine-human relationship that can be fostered by mutual respect and understanding is well on its way. We hope that you will join us in this continuing discovery, as we expand this like-minded community of people who practice in the field of equine facilitated wellness.