Horse Wisdom

  • Chirons Way Maple Ridge, British Columbia Canada

Are you called by horses? Intrigued by their sensitivity and their power? Would you like to experience the same attunement with nature, the earth and each other that horses do?


Walk amongst the herd using energy awareness and body language. Synch your breath with the breathing of a horse. Place your hands over her heart. Feel the resonant pulse of the earth through your own feet and possible hers. Primal whispering–– horse, human, earth. Shared wisdom, one consciousness. 


Guided body meditation and reflective writing practice affirm your experiences in the field. Create a personal talisman to take home with you, after its been whispered into by the horses.

All activities will takes place on the ground (no riding) at the beautiful setting at Chiron’s Way in Maple Ridge, BC.

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