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EFW Horsemanship Workshop at Whispering Equine, De Winton Alberta, Canada

At Whispering Equine we hold the concept of horses being sentient beings, in high regard and base a lot of our teachings from that. One dictionary definition of sentient is; having the conscious power of perception by the senses. But what does that really mean and how does that apply to horses? To us, it means that horses experience feelings and emotions based on what they perceive and interpret from their herd members, their environment and the humans they are partnering with. As horses cannot communicate their thoughts and feelings verbally through"human talk", we as horsemen must learn and find different ways to listen to and interpret what the horses are attempting to express to us. By doing this, we open ourselves up to a whole new way of interacting, caring for and growing with our equine companions and partners.

During this 2 day workshop, we will explore various areas to help you improve your ability to listen to, understand and connect with horses. For more details, please visit

Dates:                   Aug 13-14, 2016

Investment:         $385.00  (GST included)

Location:             De Winton, Alberta (10 mins south of Calgary)


To register, please send an email to Carrie at       

Note: This workshop can be applied to EFW-Can's 60 hrs of Equine cross-training certification requirement.