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Turning Inward to Open Outward - The Medicine Horse – Canada

Turning Inward to Open Outward

The Medicine Horse – Canada

In this beautiful experiential workshop, Sandra and the Chiron's Way herd, invite you to walk with them around an ancient circle - a medicine wheel - to gather your teachings from the Four Directions.

To commemorate your walk, you will create a personal horse talisman, as guided by the herd and the land, and inspired by the amazing Medicine Horses of renowned artist, and horse sister, Cal Peacock.

Afterward, you'll spend time  with your Medicine Horse. Within the bond of this relationship, you will integrate the lessons and the gifts the horses have shared with you, in a language that goes deeper than words.

To close the weekend, within the circle you have co-created with the horses and each other, Sandra will share the powerful Healing Song of White Horse she was gifted by her Cree mentor, elder and friend. 



~ equine-guided activities ~ expressive arts ~ indigenous teachings ~ community ~ 

~ kinship and fun ~ 

Date:         September 14-15, 2019

Location:  Maple Ridge, BC, Canada

Time:         10:00 – 5:00     

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