The Sound of Connection - La résonnance du lien

The Sound of Connection
  By Lisa Loewen

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Eva (fictitious name) is a bright 6-year-old girl who came to me with her mom Karyn (fictitious name). They were looking to connect with horses and learn some strategies to stay connected to each other through Equine Facilitated Wellness while they weathered a separation and pending divorce. 

Eva shared that she loved horses and brought her My Little Pony stuffie with her to share with me. I could see that Eva was quite fond of this stuffed animal and I invited her to bring it out to the pasture to meet one of my therapy horses, Smokie. We worked through some safety exercises and discussed boundaries and soothing touch. Eva piped up and said “I love hugs and so does my stuffie because he neighs!” and Eva proceeded to give her stuffie a big hug and it let out a jolly neigh. I said to Eva “I onder if I give Smokie a hug if he would neigh?” and so I wrapped my arms gently around his big neck and… he let out a whinny! Eva was thrilled and thought it was magical. I was completely shocked, I could not have planned it better. Every time I work with the horses, I am amazed at what they come up with. They really are sensitive sentient beings.

About the Author: Lisa Loewen operates LL Equine in Prince George, BC. Lisa specializes in communication, trauma and anxiety. You can find out more about Lisa  at