EFW-CAN Trainer (MHP, EFLP and EP)
Advanced Eponaquest Instructor (AI)

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My first contact with the power of the horses in regard to human development (apart from my own personal development) was with Linda Kohanov’s first book, «The Tao of Equus», in 2003. This book represents a turning point in the creation of «Les écuries Namasté», in a training to become Eponaquest Instructor in 2006, and Eponaquest Advanced Instructor in 2016.

I offer EFW workshops since 2006, and EFW training since 2010.

Since 2007, I actively contributed in the creation of EFW-CAN, in collaboration with a group of open-minded and dedicated people.

Following my training as an Eponaquest Advanced Instructor, my EFW practice is now mainly focused on leadership and empowerment in each person, and within the groups we belong to. My services are for adults.

In my work without the horses, I have more than 25 years of experience in human accompanying work, including 15 years with clients with mental health issues.

I share my life and my passion with my husband Sylvain Poirier and our herd of 7 horses, on our farm at Issoudun, in Quebec’s province.

My approach

I am certified in all three currents, which allows me to guide each potential candidate towards the final certification.

My EFW approach  respects the values and Code of Ethics of EFW-CAN. However, the most important concept for me is the «double wellness», and even the «triple wellness», which means wellness for the horse, the human and the environment in which this team is living and evolving…As I acquire experience in this field, my tolerance for the unknown and the unexpected increases, the welcome of what is there without trying to repair is getting stronger, and the trust in the potential and the responsibility of the client for his own development increases.

For me, EFW is a life style that favors peace and opening of conscience, with no limits


Hélène Bernier Eponaquest Instructor

Has achieved the highest level of Certification as an: EFW-CAN Trainer, Mentor and is Tri Certified as an: Equine Professional, Mental Health Professional & Equine Facilitated Learning Professional

Location: Issoudun, Québec, Les écuries Namasté 358 Bois Franc Est