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Explorations Training Highlands Gate, Lanark Highlands Ontario

Explorations in Equine Facilitated Wellness - An introduction to EFW with an advance learning component.  

Sept 31 -Oct 1, 2017

Cost: $650 plus HST

This is an introduction to the field of equine facilitated wellness and the role of the equine, safety issues when working with equines and humans, and other core concepts of EFW. It features two days of experiential learning combined with a distance-learning component including a training manual.

The highlands gate team will be available to demonstrate the wide range of applications of EFW offered at highland gates farm. You will meet horses experienced in partnering with humans in offering EFW programs.

This will be of interest to Mental Health and other Human Services Workers, Life Coaches and Educators, Equine Professionals and those exploring new ways of approaching their work. It will also be of interest to those who want to learn about EFW as a way of enhancing their lives and improving their relationships with people and horses. Full lunches and snacks are provided onsite.

Explorations in Equine Facilitated Wellness  Highlands Gate, Lanark Highlands Ontario (45 minutes from Ottawa)

Facilitated by Deborah Marshall of Generation Farms & Assisted by Susan Cressy and her Highlands Gate herd

For credit card payment please call our associated counselling office between 9 am and noon Monday to Friday. Cathy will assist you with payments. 250 754 7703

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