Focus Training Week 1 & 2, A Developmental & Attachment Based Approach, Healing Hooves, Cremona, Alberta, Canada

  • Cremona, Alberta Canada

Focus Training Program in EFW and AAT A Developmental and Attachment Based Approach

June 18-23, 2017 and Sept 17-22, 2016

Pre and post distance learning materials This workshop is the next step in the EFW-Can

certification process for national certification.

Cost: $2,495 plus GST (for both onsite weeks plus distance learning component)

This small group intensive training opportunity is for people who have already completed an introductory training. Offered over two sessions of six days, with additional pre and post distance learning components, this training is firmly grounded in, explores and applies the developmental and attachment based paradigm of

Dr. Gordon Neufeld integrated into the Healing Hooves approach. Aspects of T-Touch, TEAM, Centered Riding and Connected Groundwork are incorporated, co-facilitated by advanced instructors in these fields. Includes much experiential hands-on work with the horses (and/or with other animals for those with a broader AAT focus) through guided interactions, reflections and practice sessions. The personalized training, certification and practice plan you developed at the Exploration training will be revisited and expanded. Individual mentoring sessions are offered and are required for EFW-Can certification.

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