Honouring the horse with every horse-human connection.


The Professional Association for Equine Facilitated Wellness is a professional certification and training community. We value building respectful, trusting relationships and connections through the horse-human bond. Our holistic foundation offers a diverse array of opportunities for personal exploration & growth, professional development, and certification training within the arena of Equine Facilitated Wellness.

We are a registered, non-profit association committed to professional excellence in the field of equine facilitated activities. We have developed in-depth certification standards that enhance the safety, ethics, and credibility of counselling and learning activities between equines and humans.

Professional Association for Equine Facilitated Wellness previously known as Equine Facilitated Wellness - Canada (EFW-CAN) & National Association of Equine Facilitated Wellness (NAEFW)


Certification Training

The role of the Equine Facilitated Wellness team is to create a safe space in which clients are able to learn, experience, explore, and express themselves.


The Role of the Equine

Do you desire to belong to a community that values what equines have to teach us and treats them as equal partners?


Find a Certified EFW Professional

Our EFW Professionals are trained to incorporate the equine-human bond into the therapeutic or learning process.



Discover the unique ways in which equines can assist you in your personal growth and development, or simply find ways to deepen your connection with equines in your life.